Deadlift slipper Types

Notorious Lift currently produces 4 different models of slippers. While each model is designed to excel at providing you optimal grip, ground feel, and comfort during your lifts, each has different features that will appeal to different lifters. This short guide is designed to help you determine which model is right for you.

Foot-Shaped Wide Toe Box


SSG3 is our flagship slipper, designed with a foot-shaped wide toe box design, skidless herringbone traction pattern, upgraded heel cup, and supportive cup sole. The sole remains extremely thin, comparable to our SSG1 and SSG2.

The wide toe box allows you to properly splay your toes, which improves stability and allows you to generate more force, while the skidless herringbone traction pattern ensures you remain fully planted. Your foot rests "in" the cup sole, rather than "on," which allows us to create an effective sidewall that prevents lateral spillage without causing discomfort.

Aside from being our grippiest and most supportive model, it is our first barefoot wide toe box design, making this model optimal for all lifters. It excels for both sumo and conventional pulls.

Minimalist sole with added support

Notorious Lifters Gen 2X

NLG2X is our newest slipper release. Building upon the success of our Gen 2, Gen 2X brings welcome updates to this perennial top seller by providing better lateral support and an updated aesthetic, all while maintaining the minimalist feel of our original deadlift slipper.

NLG2X features a more supportive upper as well as a locked in heel cup for additional stability.


Notorious Lifters Gen 2

This is the second iteration of our original deadlift slipper -- the one that started it all.

NLG2 features an ultra-thin, flexible and grippy sole that gets you as close as possible to the floor and maximizes ground sensory feedback. It is our most minimal, barefoot-feeling slipper designed to offer a good balance between minimalism, comfort, and grip.

Great for both conventional and sumo deadlifts, and for those looking for the most minimal and comfortable slipper available.

Aggressive traction with a minimalist feel

Sumo Sole Gen 1

SSG1 was created in response to our community's demands for a deadlift slipper with even greater traction and grip compared to our original slipper, the Notorious Lifters.

It features an aggressive traction pattern and a high side lateral wall to prevent spillage in sumo deadlifts. These two features combine with our dual straps to provide a locked in, ultra grippy slipper unlike any other product on the market. The sole is slightly thicker than the Notorious Lifters, but still extremely thin.

This model is very popular for those looking for the absolute best in grip and lateral support, such as wide sumo pullers.